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Design Zeal Studio – A behind the scene story of Visual Identity Redesign

This Logo Redesign project was assigned to us back in 2019 by Design Zeal Studio. An Architectural firm established in 2013 based in Quetta, Pakistan. The firm offers a range of Architectural Design, Engineering Solutions, Interior Design, and Construction Services. Their clientele mainly includes the General Public, Government Institutions, and Private Entities.

From the start, they have DIY their logo for their business. As their business has grown in size and popularity they are aiming for a Visual Identity that is modern & cohesive.

Design Approach

The idea behind rebranding and providing a new logo design is to make it modern & more fine-tuned, aligning with the business’s new and improved philosophy. As the company has grown a lot since the beginning its logo has become more significant, thus requiring a complete redesign.

Mind Mapping

Firstly, Before diving into the redesign process, we take the time to fully understand the brand by reviewing its previous design elements and updated design briefs. Then, we conducted a series of brainstorming sessions to understand the vocabulary. These sessions allow us to explore the business model, core values, essence, vision, and mission. 

Understanding these aspects gives us a clear understanding of what a brand stands for. With a strong foundation in place, we move on to developing keywords that capture the brand essence. These keywords become the building blocks to foster creativity.

The next step in the process is keyword expansion followed by a mind map to explore additional keywords that may or may not be useful. This step allows for creativity and exploration that leads to unique and impactful ways to enhance the brand’s visual identity. 

Design Zeal Studio - Logo Redesign Case Study


After carefully reviewing previously collected data, we concluded that the business favors geometric symbols, architectural elements, shapes, lines, and strokes. With the information at hand, we also noticed their inclination toward certain Types of Logos such as Wordmarks & Combination Marks. In our sketches, we explored various possibilities reflecting these preferences. 

Design Zeal Studio - Logo Redesign Case Study

Logo Exploration

The logo redesign process began with a deep dive into the raw data and sketches of the building blocks of any great logo. These initial ideas, captured on paper, served as the foundation for exploration.

We didn’t stop at just one concept. By meticulously mixing and matching these raw drawing elements, we were able to generate a variety of logo possibilities. This process, known as logo exploration, allows us to experiment and refine the visual identity until we land on a design that perfectly captures the brand’s essence.

Design Zeal Studio - Logo Redesign Case Study

Logo Construction

Designing and arranging the logo requires careful consideration of how its various elements work together. This includes achieving coherence, coordination, and visual balance. A key challenge in this process is managing the negative space and positive space effectively. This involves ensuring the logo remains clear and impactful in various sizes and across different mediums, like print and digital.

Design Zeal Studio - Logo Redesign Case Study

Color Scheme

After finalizing the logo’s shape and design, selecting the right colors becomes crucial. Colors are a powerful psychological tool, allowing brands to communicate their message without words. Different colors evoke distinct emotions and associations. By understanding your brand’s core values and vision, you can choose colors that subconsciously influence how people perceive your brand. This alignment of color with brand essence is an essential step to establishing a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Design Zeal Studio - Logo Redesign Case Study

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