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Collateral Design for Launch Event of IAP Quetta Chapter

The Institute of Architects – Quetta Chapter (IAP – QC) held a launch event on July 27, 2022, marking a significant step forward for Architects in Balochistan. Organized by IAP – QC in collaboration with the Department of Architecture at BUITEMS, Takatu Campus, Quetta. The event brought together architects, sustainability enthusiasts, and industry leaders to discuss the future of sustainable architecture in the region.

Building a Platform for Balochistan’s Architects

The primary objective of the launch event was to establish a dedicated IAP chapter specifically catering to the needs of architects in Balochistan. This chapter will serve as a platform for architects to connect, share knowledge, and advocate for best practices within the profession.

A Focus on Sustainable Design Future in Balochistan

Beyond the chapter launch, the event delved into the critical topic of sustainable design. The agenda featured a thought-provoking discussion on how sustainable design practices can minimize the impact of human activity on the environment. This discussion is particularly relevant for Balochistan, a region with a rich natural heritage and a growing need for responsible development.

Renowned Personalities Share Their Expertise

The event boasted an impressive panel of speakers, including:

  • Architect Dr. Waqas Ahmed Mahar: Chairperson of the Department of Architecture at BUITEMS, Dr. Mahar brought his academic expertise to the discussion.
  • Architect Essa Khan: Chairman of the newly established IAP Quetta Chapter, he provided valuable insights into the chapter’s goals and aspirations.
  • Architect Naseer Ahmed Hijazi: Executive Member of PCATP (Pakistan Council of Architects & Town Planners), he shared his experience and knowledge of the national architectural landscape.
  • Mr. Safdar Hussain: Co-Director of IDSP Pakistan (Institute for Decentralized Sustainable Planning), Hussain offered a unique perspective on integrating sustainability into development projects.

The diverse panel ensured a well-rounded discussion, covering the academic, professional, and practical aspects of sustainable design.

The launch of the IAP Quetta Chapter, with its focus on sustainable architecture, marks a positive step towards a sustainable future for Balochistan. By providing a dedicated forum for architects to share knowledge and expertise and emphasizing the importance of minimizing environmental impact. These efforts are set to drive significant and exciting advancements in Balochistan’s architectural landscape.

Collateral Design for Launch Event.

I was fortunate to contribute to the event’s success by enhancing its visual appeal and playing a key role in designing the launch event’s collateral materials, including both print and social media. These materials were significant in promoting the event and attracting attendees.

IAP Quetta Chapter Launch Event Collateral Design
IAP Quetta Chapter Launch Event Collateral Design
IAP Quetta Chapter Launch Event Collateral Design

Design Approach

I was tasked with designing the launch event’s marketing collaterals for the IAP Quetta Chapter. I chose a Blue Monochromatic Color Scheme and employed a Modular Grid technique. The goal was to create a visually compelling design that showcases event highlights, introduces major architects and guests of the event, and provide essential information, all centered around the theme of the launch event for IAP QC. 

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